• ● Freelance Project

    Branding a construction firm.

  • Skills
    Graphic Design
    Print Design
    Data Visualization

  • Duration
    Two weeks
    Summer 2023

  • Tools
    Google Slides

  • A symbol merging Polynesian navigation tools with a minimalist grid, signifying a dedication to guidance and representation in the construction space.

  • ● Identity

    Reliable, nautical, minimal.

  • A color and type package that is clean and modern, without compromising on the historical nautical context.

  • ● Collateral

    Professional, maintainable documents

  • Editable documents on a Google-based platform that reflect the clean minimal brand, without straying too far from convention in order to reflect reliability and trustworthiness.

  • ● Website

    A hub for clients, past and future.

  • A maintainable website that scales up easily for the client, while also presenting existing work in a practical and respectful way.