• ● Course Project

      A spatial experience around human understanding, crafted from Eames House of Cards.

    • Skills

      Graphic Design
      Design Systems

    • Duration

      6 weeks
      Sprint 2023

    • Tools

      Adobe InDesign
      Adobe Illustrator
      Adobe Photoshop
      Adobe After Effects

    • A stark contrast between the digestable literary/AI-generated content, and the raw stories of personal experiences reflected through two complementary color, image, and type systems. Repeated colors, treated in different ways, holds a narrative around human understanding and comfort. The digestible content is visually digestible, easy to read from the outside and from a distance. The real, personal content is chaotic and complicated, hard to understand and only viewable from within.

      A requirement for this project was to craft an experience out of a deck of Eames House of Cards, a historical design artifact that represents play, interaction, and imagination. I chose this specific cylindar form to facilitate an "inside/outside" experience for my cards because I wanted to capture the dichotomy of understanding someone in concept, and knowing their true experiences.

      To achieve this, I created a rig that suspended the cards and created a space for each viewer to have an intimate and personal conversation with the piece.

    • ● Conclusions

      Displayed for 5 days at the Ballay Center for Design Fusion in September, 2023 during the "artificial: ___" exhibition.

    • This project was really fun, physical fabrication aside. I loved thinking and working with a final, non-conventional form in mind and really tailored the visual design to the physical experience of viewing the project.